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Kaviar Slug


Combined material slug
Frangible design
Excellent accuracy
Limited over-penetration

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Combined material shotgun slug for training, competition shooting and Law Enforcement. Slug expands and fragments only after hitting the target and provides immediate energy transfer with limited over-penetration.


  • Training on metal targets

  • Safer use in crowded and civilian areas

  • Entry – door breaching

  • Safe tyre deflation

  • Competition shooting / IPSC

  • Expands and fragments only after the hit

  • Limited penetration allows safer use in urban area

  • Reduced recoil - faster and more precise follow-up shots

  • Outstanding accuracy compared to regular frangible ammunition

  • Easy identification of ammunition by touch

  • Size of metal fragments 1-2.5 mm in diameter

Hexolit 32S.png
  • Suitable for use in any type of 12 gauge shotgun

  • Allows the use of all types of chokes

  • Designed for smooth bore weapons, suitable for use in rifled barrels

  • Functions well in pump-action and semi-automatic weapons

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